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Staff Development Point to Ponder

How to Be a Good Team Player

There are few things more important to the long term success of a martial arts school than having a ...

Staff Development Business Tips Point to Ponder

Become a Hero to Your Staff

Here’s a tough question: Do your employees work for you because they have to or because they want to...

Student Retention Business Tips Point to Ponder

How to Ask for Their Commitment to Training

In order for your martial arts school business to be successful, it is imperative that you have stud...

Point to Ponder Martial Arts

The Ideal Performance State

Imagine if you were able to live your life at your best... all the time. How would your life be diff...

Point to Ponder

Qualities of a Martial Arts Champion, Balance.

The ideal martial arts instructors are always where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed ...

Staff Development Point to Ponder Martial Arts

Goal Setting for Martial Artists

Martial Arts training is a beautiful metaphor for healthy goal setting.  The most obvious “big goal”...

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