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Student Retention Staff Development Business Tips Point to Ponder Instructor Tips

Focus Follows Fun

Have you ever taught a class where everyone seems completely focused, the energy level is high, and ...

Student Retention Business Tips Point to Ponder

Parent Communication Checklist

Aside from teaching great martial arts classes, communication with the student's parents or guardian...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development Business Tips

Important Stats for the Martial Arts School Owner

As we keep looking forward to 2020 and focus on business clarity, it’s a great idea to keep track of...

Student Retention Staff Development

What is  a Black Belt School?

Being a Black Belt School and striving for Black Belt Excellence is more than wearing a Black Belt. ...

Student Retention Student Acquisition

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

In my seminars training new and experienced martial arts instructors, one of the most important thin...

Student Retention

When Are Students Most Likely to Quit Martial Arts...

The first 100 days of a new martial arts student’s training are by far the most critical and should ...

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