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Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips

Reflections of a Martial Arts School Owner

Every time I look in the mirror to comb my hair, I expect to see a 19 year old kid looking at me, in...

Student Retention Staff Development

How to Teach Younger Martial Arts Students

Here are a few guidelines that will help you to have the best results with teaching your younger mar...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips

6 Basic Human Needs & Martial Arts

Beyond the basics like food and shelter, there are six basic human needs. If you provide these for y...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips Instructor Tips

Don’t Forget Those Belt Promotions!

How many belt promotions have you done at your school? If you’ve been teaching Martial Arts for a wh...

Student Retention Business Tips

The Fear of Summertime Quits

We all have students that want to take a break during their summer vacation time. We do everything i...

Student Retention Business Tips

How to Combat Quits - Martial Arts vs. Other Sport...

  Every one of us has had our share of students that quit because of a sport.  Most tell us that the...

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