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How to Fine-Tune Your Power of Persuasion

By Kovar Systems

One of the first steps to being able to effectively recruit new students for your martial arts school is to educate them that their martial arts training will improve their current lifestyle and win them over to this shared belief. Ultimately, this process is the process of persuasion. Instructors especially, should be very persuasive in their day-to-day interactions with their students both for recruitment AND retention.

To fine-tune your level persuasiveness as an instructor, focus on the following qualities as you teach:

Likeability - People prefer to do business with those they enjoy being around. Ask yourself, “Would you rather take lessons from a grumpy, unsmiling and indifferent person OR with a warm and friendly person?” While it may sound obvious, it can sometimes be easy to forget that simply making the effort to come across as likable when meeting new people can go a long way. Try to be the instructor from whom you would like to learn!

Enthusiasm - If you’re enthusiastic while teaching your classes, students will more likely take interest and be enthusiastic too. You set the pace and tone for your class and for your school. Are you sharing your enthusiasm for others to catch? If you exude confidence in and a willingness to support your students, potential parents and students will notice.  This will help them feel secure and confident enrolling in your school.

Trustworthiness - Trust is never easy to gain, it takes time to earn.  In order to more quickly earn the trust of your students and parents, be sure to present yourself in a professional manner at all times. It’s okay to have a comfortable, causal rapport with students and family, but be aware and always err on the side of being more respectful over more casual.

When you practice these three qualities: likability, enthusiasm and trustworthiness on a regular basis, it will help you to develop the powers of persuasion and move your school forward along the path to success.


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by Kovar Systems