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Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development Business Tips Marketing Tips

Summer Camp Themes and Activities Tips

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to plan for summer activities and events. We all know how di...

Student Retention Student Acquisition

3 Ways to Keep Summer Attendance Strong

We all have students that want to take a break for the summer.  We do everything in our power to min...

Student Retention Business Tips

How to Combat Other Sports Quits

Every one of us has had our share of students that quit martial arts because of another sport.  Most...

Student Retention Staff Development Business Tips Instructor Tips

4 Steps to Being an Effective Public Speaker

In any occupation where you are teaching or training in front of martial arts students, public speak...

Staff Development

A Manager's Most Important Words

What are a manager's most important words? It's tempting to think that more is always better. But wh...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

How to Be a Good Team Player

There are few things more important to the long term success of a martial arts school than having a ...

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