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How to Run a Reactivation Campaign for Students Who Quit Martial Arts

By Kovar Systems

Reactivation is one of the most frequently overlooked and neglected aspects of our business. Somehow we think that because someone is no longer training with us, that they are no longer interested in the martial arts at all, or they quit because they weren’t happy with our program. However, the reality is that people quit for a wide variety of reasons, many of which have nothing at all to do with us.

The chances are very good that many martial arts students who have fallen to “inactive” status at your school still plan on getting back to it someday. It’s a good idea to generate an inactive list to keep a record of these students, so you can reach out to them periodically to re-activate them in your program.

When you look through your records, assess how well you or your staff members remember each inactive student, and put those with the strongest previous relationship to your school at the top of your list.

Two to three times per year, go through the list and call the inactive students to offer them a reactivation special. You can say something like,

“The reason for my call is to let you know that we are having a reactivation special this month! We’d love to have you come back and continue your martial arts training with us. If you’ve ever thought about it, now would be a great time.”

From there, you can explain the special and if they’re interested, get them signed up for their first day of class. You can also reach out with your offer through email a few times per year, but typically a phone conversation has better success.  You may hear a lot of “no’s” but it is definitely worth the effort. The first call is the hardest. Good luck!


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