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4 Quick Tips to Kick Off Your Holiday Sales

By Kovar Systems

That’s right, holiday sales time is already here! More than ever, martial arts students and parents will be interested in your retail offerings for possible gift ideas, so now is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for your holiday sales.

A holiday sale is a limited time event that you offer at your school where students and parents can buy gear at heavily discounted rates.  

Here are 4 quick tips to get you started:

  1. Change your display often. People are already actively looking for holiday sales. Make it easier for them by highlighting the sale with new signs, flyers, and arrangement of the products. Take it even further and try changing the display each week (or each day if you’re up for it) up until the end of the sale.

  2. Offer ‘Limited Edition’ designs with the intent to order less than you think you will sell to create a sense of urgency during the event. When it comes to ordering retail, we prefer to have too few than too many, which encourages immediate action when a student sees something they like. Unless you run pre-order sales for a new design to guarantee purchase, it is better to have less than you need while trying to clear out your other inventory.

  3. Advertise your sale on your social media platforms with photos and videos of your instructors and team wearing or demonstrating the products.

  4. Be sure to always include a VIP card with each product in case there is an opportunity the customer or someone the customer knows could benefit from taking classes at your school. The VIP card should include direct contact information to schedule an appointment with you.


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