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Are Birthday Parties Valuable for School Owners?

The short answer is yes. Acknowledging a student’s special day and giving them a place to celebrate ...

Marketing Tips

8 Things NOT To Do On Social Media

Social media is full of opportunities and chances to attract new students to your martial art school...

Business Tips Student Retention Marketing Tips

Why Your Pro Shop Should Be the Top of Their Holid...

Holiday sales are here and all the big box stores are having sales to try to get people to buy their...

Business Tips Point to Ponder Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Never Apologize for Asking People to Train in Mart...

Never forget the impact that martial arts training has on people.

Business Tips Vlogs Marketing Tips Student Acquisition

VLOG: Basics to Having an Awesome Booth

As we are entering the fall season there are plenty of opportunities to recruit new students during ...

Marketing Tips Business Tips

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

It seems to be the same for all reviews, either we have really good ones that we want everyone to se...

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