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Point to Ponder Staff Development

How to Delegate as a Martial Arts School Owner

As the holiday season is fast approaching, there will be a lot of tasks to be done to ensure your ma...

Business Tips Staff Development

3 Key Ways to Run an Efficient Front Desk

We know the role our instructors play in our schools. We also know the role our program directors pl...

Staff Development

Building Your School’s Future Leadership During th...

We have all experienced the challenges summer brings for martial arts schools. Parents are looking f...

Business Tips Staff Development

Well-Rounded is Overrated

As martial artists, we are far more likely to take an active role in our ongoing personal developmen...

Point to Ponder Staff Development

Create a Dream Team for Your School

How do you take a group of individuals with vast differences that range in age, personality, and int...

Staff Development Instructor Tips

A Quick Checklist for Teaching Young Children

The following is a checklist you and your martial arts instructors can use to help grade your perfor...

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