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Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development Business Tips

Important Stats for the Martial Arts School Owner

As we keep looking forward to 2020 and focus on business clarity, it’s a great idea to keep track of...

Student Retention Staff Development

What is  a Black Belt School?

Being a Black Belt School and striving for Black Belt Excellence is more than wearing a Black Belt. ...

Staff Development Instructor Tips

An Important Martial Arts Teaching Tip

This is one of the most important martial arts teaching tips to remember because it creates a rappor...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

5 Keys to Leadership Excellence in Martial Arts

As martial arts instructors and school owners, we are leaders in our community, but there are always...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

I Deflect Negative Energy

One of the nine mastery mindsets that we teach is "I deflect negative energy." This mindset refers t...

Student Acquisition Staff Development

How to Ask for Referrals

In my travels and communications with school owners, I frequently get asked what’s the latest and gr...

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