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4 Steps to Being an Effective Public Speaker

By Kovar Systems

In any occupation where you are teaching or training in front of martial arts students, public speaking is an important tool you will use on a daily basis. Your public speaking can make or break the impact of what you teach. To be a complete and effective instructor, one must know what it takes to be an effective speaker during class. Below are a few tips to improve your public speaking for your martial arts classes.

  1. Pay attention to your timing. We can sometimes talk too fast when nervous. But by pausing and giving time for each lesson, the instructor gives time for an idea sink in and their students will remember easier.

  2. Avoid those “non-words.”  Some people fill the silent spaces in their speech with non-words such as “uh,” “um,” “ya know,” “okay?” and “well.”  Using qualifiers such as “sort of,” “like” and “basically” are similar.  Try to avoid these when you speak.

  3. Use plain jargon or common classroom language.  Jargon is okay for groups that use the same language.  Otherwise, don’t use it.  Avoid using big words for simple concepts. 

  4. Speak from the heart. Allow your controlled emotion to come through in your tone of voice.  Don’t try to hide your real self.  Your voice will sound more natural and animated when you let your natural enthusiasm show.  Avoid reading from a pre-planned script, unless you can make it sound fresh and spontaneous.

Achieving successful public speaking habits takes practice, practice, practice. The more comfortable you are in front of students, parents, etc, the more relaxed and experienced you will be with speaking to others. And, of course, remember to listen thoughtfully. Make sure you genuinely address the subjects they request and answer their direct needs.


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