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Student Retention Business Tips Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Are Birthday Parties Valuable for School Owners?

The short answer is yes. Acknowledging a student’s special day and giving them a place to celebrate ...

Business Tips Point to Ponder Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Never Apologize for Asking People to Train in Mart...

Never forget the impact that martial arts training has on people.

Student Acquisition Business Tips Student Retention

School Talk Fundamentals for Martial Arts School O...

What is a School Talk? A “School Talk” refers to a presentation regarding the values and benefits of...

Business Tips Vlogs Marketing Tips Student Acquisition

VLOG: Basics to Having an Awesome Booth

As we are entering the fall season there are plenty of opportunities to recruit new students during ...

Student Acquisition Business Tips

5 Tips for Asking for Summer Referrals

Summer can be an unpredictable time for acquiring new students, but with the help of our current stu...

Student Acquisition Student Retention

Tactics to Encourage the Entire Family to Train

An easy way to get parents and siblings of our current students to start training is asking. However...

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