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Student Acquisition Business Tips

Maximize Your Recruitment Efforts at Events

We all attend and have booths at local events. The challenge isn't being there, it's getting new mem...

Student Retention Student Acquisition

How Belt Promotions Can Benefit Your School

How many belt promotions have you done at your martial arts school? If you’ve been teaching Martial ...

Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Martial Arts Student Recruitment Tip: Sibling Sear...

There are many ways to gain new martial arts students, but this student recruitment tip is so obviou...

Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Trends and How to Maximize Student Count

In any industry there are trends that pop-up one day and are gone the next. Especially with social m...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development

Good Business Habits: Be Friendly On Purpose

One of the best things you can do to gain and retain new martial arts students is to make people fee...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips

5 Tactics to Prep Your Martial Arts Summer Camps

Though your martial arts camps won’t start until summer, you should start preparing weeks in advance...

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