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The Martial Arts School Improvement Plan

By Kovar Systems

It is always a great time to take a step back and review how well your school is doing—but the New Year is an even better time to really take a look at the past and future year all at once. It is also a great opportunity to revise your goals and priorities for both your martial arts school and training.

The following is a list of action steps to take in the new year in order to improve your school:

  1. Take a fresh look at your facility
  2. Get rid of junk you no longer use
  3. Update your gear
  4. Conduct Goal Update meetings with every student and parent
  5. Do a performance review for every member of your staff
  6. Be clear what your market is: every school has an identity
  7. Look for costs you can reduce
  8. Establish three sets of goals for the new year
  9. Plan physical curriculum for the whole year (or at least the first quarter)
  10. Plan your life skills curriculum for the year (or at least the first quarter)
  11. Conduct weekly staff meetings
  12. Measure everything
  13. Work harder and more consistently
  14. Start every day by remembering how fortunate you are to be in the martial arts business

For more details about how to do these 14 things, click here to download for free the full pdf of our New Year School Improvement Plan. 

If you act on the 14 things listed above, your school will do better in just about every way imaginable: your staff will perform better, your students will train longer, and your financial picture will improve significantly.

by Kovar Systems