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Student Retention Business Tips

Smart Strategies for Back-to-School Obstacles

"We need to take a break from training, this school year is just too hard for my child." How many of...

Student Retention Point to Ponder Instructor Tips Business Tips

Top 5 Milestones for Martial Arts Students

We all know the benefits that people can achieve through long term martial arts training. Of course,...

Business Tips Student Retention

How to Keep Black Belts from Quitting

During the summer, student retention should always be a priority. With the changes from the school y...

Student Retention

How to Make the Most Out of Your Belt Promotions

Many of us who have been teaching martial arts for years have run enough belt promotions that we cou...

Student Retention Instructor Tips

How to Successfully Introduce New Students to Your...

Walking into a martial arts school for the first time and preparing to take your first class, can be...

Business Tips Student Retention Vlogs

VLOG: Best Practices for Summer Camps

Vacation mode starts for our students as soon as the last school bell rings for summer break. During...

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