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Martial Arts Classes in the Park

On June 15th we re-opened our martial arts schools and started resuming classes. We had protocols an...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

The Power of Choice

Many consider the martial arts a source of power. Certainly it is that. However, power without princ...

Point to Ponder Podcast

[PODCAST] Episode 042 - Interview with Pedro Sauer

The next episode of The Satori Lifestyle Podcast is NOW available!

Staff Development Point to Ponder

My Formula for Living

A while ago a young man approached me after his Black Belt test to ask me if I had any formula for l...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

Change Can Bring Student Quits

One problematic issue with changing the status-quo in your business is it can spurn action in your c...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

This Too Shall Pass

“This too shall pass” is a well-known phrase that has been used for centuries. It was made famous by...

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