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Keeping Your Students Safe

By Kovar Systems

One of the key roles we have as martial artists is to teach safety and self-defense to our students. A lot of parents believe that their child will be safer if they learn martial arts. How can we let those parents know that we are accomplishing that goal? What are we doing to ensure, should the situations present themselves, that our students will act appropriately?

Here is a list of several techniques and ways to help train and promote safety during classes.

  • Teach your students how to avoid potentially dangerous situations by being aware of their surroundings – for example, knowing that the bullies hang out in a particular area means you can avoid them and any conflict all-together, just like taking the well-lit route home instead of the shortcut through the dark alley. Their safety starts with them.

  • Have talks during class on the subject, in our schools we call this School Safe/Street Safe. 

  • Host regular Anti-Bully Programs (A full lesson plan and materials are available for free through MAAB at donewithbullying.com)

  • Have consistent self-defense programs – of course regularly drilling self-defense techniques through instructor and partner training are critical to building the muscle memory needed to recall the skills in a high stress situation

  • Train safety drills relevant to their environment – specifically practice how to seek help at school versus at a store in the mall, or other situations they may encounter

  • Check-in with students and build rapport so you can recognize signs of distress – one of the most powerful ways we can help our students to stay safe is to build the kind of relationship where we can help keep them on the right path. If you are able to notice that something is bothering them, you’ll be able to talk about it and address it before it becomes more serious.

  • Encourage the healthy habits of good diet and regular exercise to stay safe from disease, obesity, and inactivity – you’re probably already doing it, so make sure they know this is one of the highest forms of self-defense.

  • Specifically draw attention to these and the other steps you’re taking to address their safety. While it may feel obvious to us, sometimes taking the time to point out to mom and dad how we’re helping their child stay safe each and every day helps to keep things in perspective.

While we can’t train our students for every possible situation they may face, by covering the basics we make them more aware and give them the tools to address new situations as they arise. 

by Kovar Systems