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Chances Are...

By Dave Kovar

Chances are, more things go right for you than you think...

Appreciate All Small ThingsHow often have you given or received the classic, "You are not going to believe what happened to me today" lecture about a dead car battery, a rude customer, bad restaurant service, being stuck in the world's worst traffic jam or some other tale of woe? I get that things happen. And I get that it is natural and perhaps even healthy to vent about such events from time to time. That said, I think that if we find it necessary to focus on the bad things that come our way, then we should also give a bit of thought and energy to some of the good things that go right for us for everyday.

For example, have you ever gone into a seemingly-full parking lot only to find the last open spot right up front? Have you ever grabbed the last bunch of ripe bananas in the store? Were you ever about to run out of gas only to find a service station just in the nick of time AND it was on your side of the road? Did you ever drive all of the way to the store only to realize that you forgot your wallet and then on a hunch, you took a random look into the glove box and found a twenty waiting there for you?

I thought so; me too.

Chances are, things like this happen to you all the time but perhaps too often we fail to register them. I believe that the trick is to get in the habit of noticing and appreciating these minor miracles. So now that we are on the subject, what happened to you today? Anything special?


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by Dave Kovar