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Business Tips Point to Ponder

Change Can Bring Student Quits

One problematic issue with changing the status-quo in your business is it can spurn action in your c...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

This Too Shall Pass

“This too shall pass” is a well-known phrase that has been used for centuries. It was made famous by...

Student Retention Staff Development Business Tips Point to Ponder

Re-opening Your School in a Pandemic World

It’s scary. COVID-19 is a present and uncertain virus that makes confidence and calmness hard to fin...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips Instructor Tips

How to Check-in with Your Students - Retention and...

Do you want your students to get the best martial arts training possible, whether virtual or in-pers...

Student Retention Business Tips Point to Ponder

Re-opening Your School? Preparation is Key.

As some places begin to allow businesses to re-open amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very importa...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

5 Small Goals for the Future

Right now a lot of people are struggling to take this "new normal" and turn it into a positive oppor...

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