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How Clean is Your Martial Arts School? 

By Paul Duarte

We are the cleanest place in town.

I believe this is one of the most important aspects of our business. At our martial arts schools we have embraced this mindset as one of the cornerstones of our business model.

We proudly state that we are the:

  • Friendliest place in town
  • Cleanest place in town
  • We only teach great classes not just good classes
  • We have superior student/parent communication
  • We always ask for a referral

I remember teaching classes one day and having a mom come up to me and say, “You know we looked at other Martial Art schools and do you know why we chose your school? Your bathrooms are clean.” The message she delivered was quite clear, this mom appreciated the clean bathroom but what helped her stay was the clean atmosphere.

The formula is simple when creating a clean atmosphere: divide and conquer. Create a checklist of places that need to be cleaned around your school (consider the front desk, bathrooms, mats, windows, and other places that are easily visible in your school) and set aside a time every day for you and your team to complete the task. Typically, the best time is right before classes and another cleaning check after your busiest class.

Now I know we all realize how important it is to keep our schools clean but what about our daily lives? I contend that we are living examples of principles we endeavor to teach our students but are we truly living up to the “Principles of Black Belt” in our daily lives with our thoughts words and deeds.

As Kovar’s team members, we have expanded this concept to encompass much more than clean bathrooms and mats. During an instructor training session years ago I recall Hanshi Kovar saying that as Martial Arts instructors we must walk our talk 24/7 or we’re not being congruent with the principles we espouse. He continued to say it’s a good habit to generally speak the way we would in the presence of one of our 4-year-old students with their mom next to them, especially within the confines of our building.

We should certainly strive to be the cleanest place in town in all respects because it reflects on the professional image we wish to present. Because our students see us as living examples of the principles we teach, I believe we should try to carry that mindset with us everywhere we go because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Today’s blog comes from one of our amazing Satori Business Success Coach, Shihan Paul Duarte. Shihan Duarte is also an accomplished school operator, safety officer, and above all a dedicated martial artist.


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by Paul Duarte