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Paul Duarte

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Business Tips

How Clean is Your Martial Arts School? 

We are the cleanest place in town. I believe this is one of the most important aspects of our busine...

Student Retention Point to Ponder Instructor Tips

How to Make Sure Your Students Are Not Bullies

Here, at Kovar's Satori Academy, we confidently say, “Kovar’s students are not bullies and they don’...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

Is Your School the Safest Place in Town?

I would like to begin with a few questions and hypothetical scenarios for you to consider:

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips Marketing Tips

Consistent Effort Over Time

Today’s blog comes from one of our amazing ProMAC Success Coaches, Renshi Paul Duarte. Renshi Duarte...

Staff Development Business Tips Point to Ponder

Is your Martial Arts school prepared?

Today’s blog comes from one of our ProMAC Success Coaches, he is also the Safety Officer for our Cal...

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