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4 Quick Tips to Kick Off Your Holiday Sales

That’s right, holiday sales time is here! More than ever, students and parents will be interested in your retail offerings for possible gift ideas, so now is the perfect time to run a holiday sale.

Your Challenge: Find New Opportunities Each Day

Have you ever been shopping for a new car? Can you remember getting to the point when you had a certain make and model car in mind? Maybe even a specific color? When you do, did you notice that all of...

One "Must-do" Before You Enroll Another Student

As a ProMAC coach, I am often asked about ways you can grow your school. There are dozens of proven strategies that may work to bring people in, but what school owners often overlook is their class sc...

3 Good Business Habits: Be Friendly On Purpose

One of the best things you can do to gain and retain new students is make people feel welcome when they enter your school. To do that, try following the mantra: ‘Be friendly on purpose.’

3 Reasons Why Students Might Quit

The following is an excerpt from our ebook, “7 Reasons Why Students Quit.” The full seven reasons are available for free to download by clicking here.