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Staff Development Instructor Tips

A Quick Checklist for Teaching Young Children

The following is a checklist you and your martial arts instructors can use to help grade your perfor...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

The Power of Belief

I love our profession. I’m extremely proud to call myself a Martial Arts Instructor. I believe that ...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development

The Five Core Beliefs of Running a Martial Arts Sc...

I am blessed to be a martial arts professional.  Although it can sometimes be extremely challenging,...

Staff Development Instructor Tips

How to be a Team Player

There are few things more important to the long term success of a martial arts school than having a ...

Staff Development Instructor Tips

How to Teach Martial Arts to Kids

There was a gentleman walking along the road. He came upon three brick masons who were working dilig...

Student Retention Staff Development Business Tips Instructor Tips

Focus Follows Fun

Have you ever taught a class where everyone seems completely focused, the energy level is high, and ...

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