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10 Things I’ve Learned Owning A Martial Arts School

By Dave Kovar

Many times during my travel around the world to other schools, I have been reminded of what that it really takes to find success in the the martial arts industry and all that it takes to run a martial arts school.

Here are 10 things I have learned while running my own school. Here we go…

  1. Don't quit doing what you know works.

  2. The difference between just surviving and thriving is in the details.

  3. Schools that are always closed, always close.

  4. It is never easy. But what is? All successful operators work hard.

  5. Our product is what happens on the mat. Always teach a great class every time.

  6. Leave your personal troubles at the door. Don't let a bad mood mess with your interaction with staff and students.

  7. Go to battle for your staff. Be the best instructor and leader you can be.

  8. There are people all around you that are just ONE conversation away from being your student. You just have to look at your surroundings.

  9. When you know the names of your students and their parents, they train with you longer.

  10. Be open to new ideas, but at the same time..... Be wary of the next new trend. If you are not excited by it, and you don't believe strongly in it.....it is not going to work for you anyway.


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by Dave Kovar