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Student Acquisition Marketing Tips

Martial Arts Student Recruitment Tip: Sibling Search

By Kovar Systems
There are many ways to gain new martial arts students, but this student recruitment tip is so obvious, it can be easy to overlook.

Sibling Search is a method of finding new students to enroll at your martial arts school. First, you need to identify the brothers and sisters of your current students who aren’t training, but could be. To do this, go through your student roster to find students who have siblings of the right age to begin training. Then, make note of when they normally attend class so you can be prepared to approach the parent and potential new student.

When approaching the sibling, make sure you know their name and engage them in a short conversation. Be sure to also greet the parent and check-in on them as well. If the timing is right and they aren't distracted with other things, start by letting them both know you think that they might be ready to start class like their sibling. Be prepared and know when the next martial arts class is and offer to sign them up, only if it’s okay with Mom or Dad. If they’re not feeling ready, ask when you can check back (within a couple of months would be best).

The better you know your students and their families, the easier this is. Greet parents and siblings on a regular basis and get to know their names. Also talk to your students about their families to find out if there might be siblings who don’t come in to watch classes. Then you can ask the parents if that brother or sister might be interested in training in martial arts.


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by Kovar Systems