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Calm and Confident: Taking Action Steps During the Crisis

By Dave Kovar

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These are certainly challenging times and there are a lot of things out of our control. What we can control is how we respond to the circumstances around us, and how we respond can certainly influence outcomes. In order to keep the industry thriving, we wanted to help our fellow school owners by sharing some knowledge to help keep all boats afloat right now.

With this in mind, we want to offer several MORE important actions you can take and focus on to keep your martial arts business moving in the right direction in these difficult times. Stay tuned for more updates and action items we will be posting to help you and your team.

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Now let's discuss some helpful action items...

  1. Talk to your landlord. We are renegotiating with all our landlords for reduced or deferred rent until this crisis is over.
  2. Make it a goal to keep your full-time people employed through this crisis. They are the heart and soul of your organization and you want do everything in your powers to keep them earning a paycheck. With that said, you might have to temporarily take most of your part-time people off the schedule until things level out. No one wants to have to do this, but with survival comes sacrifice.
  3. Minimize your spending. Do everything in your power to cut expenses by shutting down the heater, adjusting your ad spend, etc.

Note: These things will certainly be helpful for your martial arts business, but equally important: when you take massive action it affects you mentally and emotionally as well. All of a sudden you don’t feel is out of control. In other words, do you want to feel better? Get to work. Stay productive. It’s the best medicine out there. Don’t forget to remain calm and confident for your team and your community.


For the first blog post and three more action items, read "3 Action Items to Deal with the COVID-19 Crisis" and "3 More Actions to Take During the COVID-19 Crisis."

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by Dave Kovar