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Staff Development Business Tips Point to Ponder

How Great Leaders Solve Problems

In pretty much every group or organization, there is inevitably going to be a difference of opinion ...

Point to Ponder

You Can Always Do More Than You Think You Can

I had been letting my body heal up a bit since my marathon and I hadn't run much in a couple of week...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

Green Side Up

I was visiting one of our martial arts academies a while ago and during my visit, the school manager...

Point to Ponder

Everything Matters

Perhaps you have heard of the scientific hypothesis referred to as the butterfly effect?

Business Tips Point to Ponder

Rewards of Teaching Martial Arts Today

I conducted a lot of Martial Arts Instructor Boot Camps virtually throughout this year. My goal for ...

Business Tips Point to Ponder

This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger

"Good timber doesn't grow with ease,  the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees." "Calm seas mak...

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