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Staff Development Business Tips

What Are You Doing?

There was a gentleman walking along the road. He came upon three brick masons who were building some...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Staff Development Business Tips Marketing Tips

What Every School Owner Needs to Know

Do not let the lure of the latest gimmick distract you. Having success is not beyond you or so compl...

Staff Development Instructor Tips

Believe in Your Students and Amazing Things Happen

I love our profession. I’m extremely proud to call myself a Martial Arts Instructor. I believe that ...

Point to Ponder Martial Arts

The Ideal Performance State

Imagine if you were able to live your life at your best... all the time. How would your life be diff...

Point to Ponder

Who is the boss of YOU?

Chances are, at some point in your time as an martial arts instructor you have heard a child say "yo...

Student Retention

Create Positive Memories for Your Students

As a martial arts instructor, I interact daily with lots of people. I’m acutely aware that as a teac...

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