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Student Retention Business Tips

Recipe for Martial Arts Student Success

By Dave Kovar

Even if you've done all you can to keep your martial arts school attendance strong, you will still face situations where students will become distracted or drawn to other competing activities. New interests, increased homework, or tighter schedules can impact your students' ability to make it to training, so it's important to keep retention strategies in mind at all times. When retention is a part of your strategy, renewals are sure to follow and will help to keep your business afloat.

If your goal is to maximize retention and renewals within your school, always keep the following practices in mind. PIARR is our recipe for martial arts student success:

Recognize Progress. Your students need to see that they are advancing in their training and not just putting in their time. Tip tests and belt tests are definitely milestones, but there should be personal feedback as well. As an instructor, you may see improvement that your students may not see.  Be sure to let them know!

Interest is naturally increased if students feel comfortable with their next tip or belt test. Make sure they are well prepared. Another way to generate interest is by keeping your material varied and exciting. This leads to…

Increased Attendance. Students want to attend class to be sure they are prepared to pass their next test, catch another tidbit of marital arts history, or hear the latest personal development advice.  Be sure to include all of these in each class.

Retention grows naturally if you offer a progressive, interesting and challenging program. Students who are challenged and successful in meeting the challenge are more likely to renew their membership.

Renewal. If you follow this recipe, not only will you get your current students to keep renewing, but it will also be easier for former students to return and be successful and reintegrate into your program.

Remember, retention and renewals means there are consistently students on the mat who are eager to train in your school. A full mat of happy students always looks good to anyone looking to enroll.

The PIARR system is one of the many strategies and processes available to Satori Business Community members in our School Owner Resource Library. For more next-level martial arts business systems. Click here to Get Started Now. 


by Dave Kovar