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Business Tips

8 New Habits to Gain Better Business

The beginning of the year is a great time to make positive changes to your business. Carry out the f...

Business Tips

Setting Your Goals for the New Year

It feels like everyone is setting goals just in time for the New Year, but unfortunately most people...

Staff Development Point to Ponder

The Power of Belief

I love our profession. I’m extremely proud to call myself a Martial Arts Instructor. I believe that ...

Student Acquisition Business Tips

Your Challenge: Find New Opportunities Each Day

Have you ever been shopping for a new car? Can you remember getting to the point when you had a cert...

Student Retention Business Tips

That's What I Like About You

As you know, a martial arts teacher can have an incredibly influential role in a student’s life. The...

Point to Ponder

How Do You Avoid Bullies With Martial Arts?

Bullying happens every day. At school, online, even at home. With back-to-school season already here...

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