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What’s Your Martial Arts School’s Mission Statement?

By Kovar Systems

In a webinar on the topic of developing Mission and Vision statements, the author of the presentation reiterated more than once, “Brevity is golden.”

Whatever your martial arts school’s mission statement may be, it needs to be short. The author’s reasoning for brevity was for two main reasons.

First, so it can be remembered by your staff. The days of long dissertations of your company's values, products and services, global advancement and the like are gone. In a study of US corporations 78 percent of employees knew they had a mission statement, however 95 percent could not articulate it. Mission and visions statements need to be part of a company’s DNA. It should describe what the company lives and breathes every day, what their daily actions look like. It should be short enough for your employees to be able to recite to your customers or anyone else they meet inquiring about the company. 

Secondly, brevity allows you to run your business with more clarity, enabling your company to operate with a powerful filter that removes anything that doesn’t align with your values.

A Mission statement should simply describe the very core of what you do and how you differentiate in the way you deliver.

A Vision statement on the other hand is a vivid picture of where you’re headed and should motivate others to take the journey with you. A vision has permission to be aspirational. Let people engage with, add to the momentum, and join the movement.

If you take the example of the Wright brothers quest for flight, there were other entrepreneurs in their time vying for the same goal. The difference was in how the Wright brothers engaged the public in support of their quest. Their vision included the benefit to all of mankind vs. a profitable venture for themselves. Invite others to take the journey with you and share in your vision for a new way, product, or a better society. Having a clear vision enhances customer loyalty and strengthens your brand.

A Mission and Vision statement are integral to a business’ marketing, both internally and externally. Connecting with a company's values creates loyalty. The best companies strive to cultivate an exceptional customer and employee experience.

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