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The Don'ts of Black Belt Leaders

By Kovar Systems

When our students advance to the rank of black belt, we try and remind them the importance of being a good member of both their martial arts and local communities. We generally discuss things that will help them become better leaders and be more successful in their daily lives. In sharing these lessons with our students, so too are we reminded of these lessons for our own lives.  

black_belts_never_quit_shutterstock_55438744sm.jpgThe following message is just 2 of 12 messages we deliver to our black belt students, the full set of messages can be found in the ProMAC Resource Library “The 12 Don’ts of a Black Belt Leader.” To gain access to this section of documents and thousands of other helpful resources, click here to get started now.

Don’t Argue. Generally speaking, when we argue we become emotional and don’t think clearly. As our emotions become heightened, and the likelihood of us saying or doing something that we might regret later increases dramatically. Also remember, winning an argument generally does not earn respect or strengthen friendships. Instead of arguing, try to stay calm and find a compromise.

Don’t Blame. Blaming others generally means that you are unwilling to take responsibility for negative outcomes and be held accountable for your actions. Blaming also focuses on problems, rather than working toward solutions. Instead of blaming, accept responsibility for your actions and then try to make things right.

Blaming and arguing both are driven by emotion rather than reason. Ask yourself the following question… How can you recognize when you may be about to argue or blame someone - before you start - so you can choose a more constructive direction instead?

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by Kovar Systems