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Happy, But Not Satisfied

By Kovar Systems

The second we become satisfied is the second that we stop trying to become better. When someone stops trying to become better, they stop being good. This is why we like to use the phrase “Happy, but not satisfied.” We want to acknowledge where we are and what we have, but keep pushing to be better, always.

People who are sad or depressed tend to lament that they "should be" better at this or that. What they are really doing is focusing on their lack or failure.  The happiest and most productive people tend to focus on their strengths, and on the progress or gains that have been made toward their goal.  This affirms the previous effort and positively points us toward our goal.

We hope you are happy with your present skill level in the martial arts.  We hope you can see the progress you are making not only in your physical skills, but more importantly, in your attitudinal qualities.  Qualities like: Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Courage, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit! 

Likewise, you should be happy with your teaching skills and level, but you should never be fully satisfied. There is always room for improvement. Being satisfied implies that you don't care to improve in teaching your students. There is always room to improve a good class and make it a great class.

At the close of each day, make a note of how your classes went. Virtual classes included!  Which drills worked? Which ones didn't? When you make a habit of this, you'll be amazed at how quickly your repertoire of great ideas and drills will increase. The more you track your progress, the easier planning for great classes becomes, and the more student keep training and keep engaged with you.

In our current world where we are finding a new normalcy by connecting with students through virtual training, it is just as important that we continue to be happy, but not satisfied with what we are doing. We must make sure we and our students are always striving to be a better martial artist and finding new ways to continue improve while complying with safety policies.

We hope that you are happy but not satisfied, because what you have attained so far isn’t the end destination but is instead the skills and experience you need to fuel the next chapter ahead.

We want to help your school navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

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by Kovar Systems