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Being a Virtual Martial Arts Instructor

By Kovar Systems

In light of the stay at home orders across the country, most of us have had to pivot the way we teach martial arts.  Being a martial arts instructor continues to be about leading by example and encouraging our students how to always be better martial artists. You may be stuck at home, but you still can shape the lives of your students with your influence.

Here are some things to think about as you lead your next online training class:

We don’t just teach good classes, we teach great classes. Now, more than ever it’s important to take time to plan out each class ahead so everyone is Smiling, Sweating, and Learning. If you teach a mediocre class, there’s a good chance a student may not come back, just like when we’re teaching classes inside the school.  So, make each class your absolute best!

Enthusiasm is taught, it’s caught.  If you show up to each of your online classes with energy and enthusiasm, chances are your students will follow suit and bring the energy. Think about how enthusiastic your communication is: your body language, word choice, facial expression, and tone.  If possible, go back and watch any recorded classes and critique yourself.

We get to keep training. A lot of other activities and programs, even school in some areas, are cancelled and at a standstill. We are fortunate that we can train from home and keep training as the weeks go by (even if we need to modify), and other places must stop.

Your students have nothing. Crossfit? Soccer? Gym? Basketball? Playgrounds? Closed. You are your students’ source of activity and a place where they can release their physical energy. We know that with daily exercise, this will also help them with their focus at work/school, and to help regulate their emotions.

Parents need you too. Families are now working at home or not able to work at all. A moment away from an overly energetic or really bored child can help them re-charge and relax. You can also continue to be that support system from afar. Do parents need help from you to remind their child to be respectful, responsible, and resourceful?

Give them your attention. Highlight students as much as you can during your online classes with words of affirmation. Setup private lessons to help a student when they cannot attend group classes or need extra help. Many students will need a lot of encouragement to engage in virtual training, so keep at it until you help them build a new habit.

Take time for yourself. You can’t be “on” every hour of every day. Be sure to recharge yourself so that you can continue to be there for them. Meditate, train yourself, step outside and go for a run, and take time to breathe. An excellent way to do this and still lead your students is to pre-record some exercises and drills you can share with students during your non-teaching days.

We hope that you and your team are doing well during this crisis and we want to thank everyone for continuing to keep martial arts alive through this pandemic. As a community we know our students widely appreciate what we are doing for them right now.

We want to help your school navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are looking for more inspiration and an opportunity to develop a world-class team of instructors while operating at home, consider taking time this week to join our Satori Instructor Alliance and Satori Business Community.  Click here to take advantage of our one-month free trial and take action.

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by Kovar Systems