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Communication Strategies for New Students

By Kovar Systems

It is said in sales that "no matter how good the product is, if the customer doesn't like you, they won't buy from you."

Similarly in martial arts, no matter how good your program or classes may be, if the student doesn't like you, they won't train with you. The student's martial arts instructor is their strongest link to the school. If a relationship is built between student and instructor, and just as importantly between parents and instructor, they are less likely to quit.

For this reason it is very important that the student's main instructor a make personal connection early in that student's enrollment.

There are slightly different communication strategies for junior martial arts students, parents, and adult students. The following bullet points are great reminders to review with your staff as your martial arts school grows.

Communication with Junior Students:

  • Give frequent, sincere praise.
  • Spread the wealth as evenly as possible. (Talk to everyone).
  • Connect with each and every student during class (make sure they know that you know they are there).
  • Do your best to be as enthusiastic as possible.
  • Show no favorites. It's natural to have a favorite, but no one should be able to tell who it is.
  • NEVER say anything to a child that you wouldn't say if their parents were listening.

Communication with Parents:

  • Whenever possible, give positive feedback to parents regarding their child's progress. NOTHING makes a parent happier than hearing about how well their child is doing.
  • Know the parents; what their interests are; what groups they belong to, etc.
  • Ask leading questions, such as "What benefits have you seen in your child?" or "how has Martial Arts helped your child?"
  • Use the "Praise. Correct. Praise." format when discussing any areas of concern.

Communication with Adult Students:

  • Generally speaking, adults want specifics on how they can improve. Give it to them.
  • Never speak down to them. In many cases, they are older and have more life experience than you. Always treat them with respect.
  • Get to know them: what do they do, what are their interests, what groups do they belong to, etc.

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