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Kovar Systems

Be a Martial Artist

By Dave Kovar

Martial arts as we know it today has its roots in “bushido,” the code of the Samurai. The word “samurai” means “to serve” and the best Samurai did not take their position lightly. They held themselves to the highest standard in all aspects of their life...

Because they were warriors, they constantly honed their martial arts skill and fitness level, as these literally meant the difference between life and death. Perfect health was their goal, so they lived their life accordingly, constantly aware of how their environment and habits of consumption affected them.

Most importantly, the best Samurai lived a life of service – giving to their community and being a noble example of human potential. Commit yourself to living the life of a modern day Samurai. 

Here are a few traditional Samurai phrases that are as relevant to today’s martial artist as they were the first time they were spoken:

Bushi-ni-nihon-nashi = “No two words“ or "Don't speak with forked tongue" – In modern times, we call this living with integrity.

Hou' shi Sei-shin = “Spirit of contribution” – Being service-minded.

Chou you de ari = “Moderation, variety and balance”

Gan batte kuda sai = “Always doing your best”


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by Dave Kovar