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Student Acquisition Business Tips Marketing Tips

5 Tips for Recruiting New Students at Fall Events

Setting up a booth or giving a demo at a community event this fall is a great way to raise awareness...

Student Retention Business Tips Point to Ponder Instructor Tips

Top 5 Milestones for Martial Arts Students

We all know the benefits that people can achieve through long term martial arts training. Of course,...

Student Retention Student Acquisition Business Tips

Pillars of Success for School Owners

As martial arts school owners and business operators alike, we all want to increase our new student ...

Business Tips

How to Handle Customer Complaints

It happens to all of us: A parent or student makes a complaint. You can’t just ignore it... By doing...

Student Retention Business Tips

3 Reasons Why Students Might Quit

The following is an excerpt from our FREE ebook, “7 Reasons Why Students Quit.” The full seven reaso...

Student Retention Business Tips

Develop a Warrior Spirit within Your Students

It is important as our martial arts students progress, that we teach more than simply the next colle...

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