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8 Steps to Strengthen Your Student Retention

By Kovar Systems

Do you want your students to get the best martial arts training possible?

The 8 Step Progress Check was developed to verify the quality of training at your school and offer an excellent method for improving communication with students and parents.

It is a powerful tool for strengthening your student retention, adding new white belts with confidence, and dramatically increasing the percentage of students who will keep training.

Below is the eight step structure we use at our own schools:

  1. Thank them for being a student.
  2. Ask them what they enjoy most about training.
  3. Ask them how the program can be improved.
  4. Talk about where they were/what they were like when they began training.
  5. Talk about how far they've come since they began.
  6. Talk about how much they'll continue to grow as they keep training, and have them picture themselves as a black belt.
  7. If appropriate, ask them for a referral.
  8. If appropriate, ask them to review the program on Yelp or social media.

This simple student progress check meeting can make a very strong case for remaining committed to your program. If you have meetings like this at least once a year for every student at your school, you'll find that many more of your students will train with you for the long run.

See the progress check in action. The complete script and video demonstration for the "8 Step Progress Check" is available in our Resource Library for all ProMAC members. Not a member of ProMAC yet? Click here to make an appointment now.

by Kovar Systems