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5 Ways to Start a Top-Notch Martial Arts Class

By Dave Kovar

As we discussed earlier in this week’s tip, our system refers to the five minutes before the start of your class as the “prep zone.” 

Kyoshi_in_class_300x300px.pngThe prep zone is specifically designed to do several things, including building rapport with your students, setting the tone for the class, and keeping your students mentally focused. Here are a few benefits to running a regular prep zone at your school:

  1. Get students to class on time - request students come a little early so they don’t miss their prep zone.

  2. Keep prior to class distractions to a minimum - this is their time to transition from off-mat and on-mat time.

  3. Give an added level of structure and order to your school - have them routinely sit in a line and do so with proper posture and quietness.

  4. Prepare kids for putting in a great effort in class - talk to them about the exciting plans you have for today’s class so they will rise to the challenge.

  5. Foster socialization between students and staff - huddle the class to the corner in a nice and tight circle for conversation together about the week’s school message.

The prep zone, while short and seemingly simple, can have a powerful and positive impact on the flow of your classes and the attitude of your students. For more prep zone tactics and advice, visit our Resource Library as a ProMAC Express or Select Member. Find out how to join Kovar Systems today and improve your school and staff immediately. 

by Dave Kovar