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4 Steps to Improve Your Martial Arts School in 2020

By Kovar Systems

We all know that the New Year is a perfect time to reflect on the past year and plan for the future year all at once. It is also a great opportunity to revise your goals and priorities for both your martial arts school and your training.

This year we want to share the idea that the true success of a martial arts school is business clarity. We found our systems have really helped our schools to truly excel in that area.

The following is a list of action steps to take this year in order to improve your school:

  1. Know Your Stats. We have found that there are a minimum of at least 7 statistics you need to be tracking consistently. Tracking them helps keep you aware of your progress and gives the team a good way to measure success or distress in your business.
  2. Know Your Financials. We review our Profit & Loss statements every month with the key players of our team. Transparency is critical to helping drive the accountability of a business. How can anyone know what needs to be fixed or worked on if they don't see the impact on the bottom line?
  3. Know and Train Your Team. There are many opportunities to keep growing within your school. With the introduction of the Satori Instructor Alliance and the Program Director Course, we make sure everyone continues to improve and learns how to better operate within our schools.
  4. Plan Ahead. Mapping out the activities of the first couple months for your school and the surrounding community will really help you be more proactive this year. We make sure our calendar reflects not just our own curriculum and camps, but also the nearby public schools important dates, any community events, and any other conflicting dates.

We know it isn't a long list, but that's the point! Clarity involves keeping it simple and making it repeatable again and again with no question.

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by Kovar Systems