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Why Your Pro Shop Should Be the Top of Their Holiday List

By Kovar Systems

Holiday sales are here and all the big box stores are having sales to try to get people to buy their products for gifts this year… However, did you know that you have a sales hook that most of these companies just can’t compete with?

That’s right! You have a seat of importance that most retail can’t match.

Because your students have been training with you longer and know you better, there is no reason they shouldn’t see the need for newer, better gear and apparel to continue to share and practice their martial arts training. All you really need to do is provide an offer they can see value in and make sure they know how this sale will benefit them and their training.

Here are some benefits you can talk about to help them understand why they should spend their holiday dollars on your pro shop products…

  1. Safety - The first thing we should always promote when selling gear, especially sparring gear and weapons, is that we want our students to be safe. Gear helps protect and ensure our students safety and allows them to continue training. Everyone wins.
  2. School Pride - Nothing is quite as special as wearing a shirt that means something to a student. Remind students that you are appreciative of them sharing their martial arts with others and being interested enough to wear your apparel.
  3. Confidence - Sometimes a student wears their uniform so much that the thread can get a bit worn or maybe they have just grown a bit too tall for their gi pants. Remind parents that a fresh new uniform might be just what they need to start a New Year off right.
  4. Advancement - As students train longer at your school, they will need new weapons and practice gear to help them advance to the next belt. Not only can someone give the gift of a new item, but now they are giving the gift of a whole opportunity to learn new things!

Knowing and speaking about these benefits, paired with a proper sales campaign over the next couple weeks should really help drive those pro shop retail sales. The best part is that these benefits apply not only for the holiday season, but all year round.

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