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VLOG: Basics to Having an Awesome Booth

By Kovar Systems

As we are entering the fall season there are plenty of opportunities to recruit new students during external events like fall/harvest festivals and trunk-or-treat events. It's important that as you attend these events you and your team follow through with some booth basics to maximize all efforts in promoting your martial arts school.

Here are Some Basics for Your Booth at a Fall Event:

  1. Assemble a Good Booth Team
  2. Inform Your Team of Everything About the Event and Expectations
  3. Booth Equipment Should Be Effective and Transportable 
  4. Display Good Energy and Charisma!
  5. Plan Something to Attract People to the Booth 

BONUS: Have something that they can take home with them so they can remember to reach out to your school again after the excitement of the event is over.


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by Kovar Systems