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The Two Minute Martial Arts Drill

By Kovar Systems

In an ideal class situation, every student would get personal instruction to help improve their technique and individual progress. In reality, class times always feel too short and impossible to fit everything in it that we as martial arts instructors would like to include.

While it’s difficult to offer full private lessons to every student during each class, it is possible to give individual 2-minute drills – or mini-private lessons within the format of a larger group class.  It requires coordination of instructors, students, and time management that - in the end - will speak volumes in excellent customer service and personal achievement. Here are some simple steps on how to conduct these two-minute drills…

  1. Before class, ensure the daily curriculum allows for the private lessons. Only conduct them if you have enough instructors that are available and clearly aware of the objective. If today you are light on staff members, consider holding off trying these lessons until another day. The idea is not to lose focus on either the individual student or the entire class, but to have an even balance of attention for both.

  2. Once class begins, announce to students and watching parents that you will be performing The Two Minute Drills that day. This way, students know what to expect ahead and no time is lost due to confusion. A good example of this dialogue would be: “Today, Sensei Jones is going to give each of you a special mini-lesson. Make sure you hustle over to her as soon as you hear your name called.”

  3. Make sure to block off some space for the drill area close to where the parents are seated, so they can see and hear the special attention their child is receiving. Then intermittently throughout the class have your instructor pull a student one-by-one into the drill area for their Two Minute Drills.

So why do we use The Two Minute Drill? Here are some top reasons…

  • It helps to motivate and excite them, and lets them ask questions. Some kids may not be comfortable asking questions in front of everyone else during class, so use this opportunity to answer their questions one-on-one.

  • It gives them something to work on. Pick something from current curriculum or a basic move for students to focus on over the next week. Make sure to follow up when you see them again so they know they will be held accountable.

The Two Minute Drill is a great way to show parents that their child is receiving superior customer service and it helps to motivate your students with personal attention and encouragement. It is also a great exercise for the instructors to sharpen their skills in teaching and really play a big part in helping specific students through more challenging individual struggles. Everyone wins.

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by Kovar Systems