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New Year Checklist for Martial Arts School Owners

By Kovar Systems

That’s right, it’s that time of year again. Have you started thinking about how you can start this new year with your best foot forward? As we start a brand new year, here are some things you can do to prepare for a fresh start at your school:

Refresh. Very important if you can hold in-person classes. Prepare and clean your school and gear to make sure it looks its very best.

Refocus. Set new goals and establish new good habits both business and personal.

Re-train. Go over some martial arts basics with yourself and your team to keep skills sharp.

Re-motivate. Check-in with your students and make sure that martial arts is a part of their routine and focus in the new year.

Referral. Ask students or parents you have good rapport with if they have any like-minded friends.

Re-educate. Help parents, students, and your team remember why they chose martial arts.

Reactivate. Focus your efforts on students you know well, but who haven’t attended classes in a while.

Good luck in your planning and we wish you a Happy New Year from the Kovar Systems team!

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by Kovar Systems