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Martial Arts Instructors Have Bad Days Too

By Dave Kovar

If you are having a hard time or need some help through your day, here are a few suggestions for you to consider. You probably already know all of this, but sometimes it is good to be reminded. I understand how difficult it can be to share your situations with others because as a martial arts instructor, we are supposed to have all the answers and live in a perpetual state of bliss. The reality is that we bleed when we are cut, we are grumpy when we are tired and we experience our share of own self-doubt, just like everyone else. We are also human too.

Here is my advice to you. It is what I strive for when I, myself, am feeling low or vunerable.

1. Acknowledge and accept where you are today. Try not to spend much time in the past. In most cases, it wasn't as easy as we remember it to be and we weren't as good as we thought we were. Remember that all of your past experiences have brought you to this point. There is only now and the only direction you can go is forward.

2. Believe that you can make it better. It probably won't be easy, but things rarely are easy. Can things get worse? They certainly can, so logic will tell us that if it can get worse, then it can also get better. Every now and then you can lower your guard and allow yourself to doubt and vent a bit. But when you are done. Get back to believing.

3. Create/recreate a clear vision of where you want to be. Be realistic but aggressive. Visit this vision on a regular basis.

4. Take consistent action. There is something magical about this. Remember, motivation follows action. You don't have to feel like it, but take action anyway.

5. Stay the course. This isn't baseball where you have only three strikes and you are out. Keep swinging. You WILL hit the ball eventually.

6. Strive to stay healthy and fit. Everything is easier and flows better when you are at your best.
Count your blessings. Chances are, a lot is going right for you, sometimes we just forget to notice.

Best to you. 

For more mindset messages from Kyoshi Kovar, see our Online Martial Arts Instructor Toolbox or pick up the book ‘Moments of Clarity’ by Dave Kovar.


by Dave Kovar