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How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

By Kovar Systems

It seems to be the same for all reviews, either we have really good ones that we want everyone to see or we have really bad ones that we would pay any amount to see disappear. Reviews can build up or tear down our martial arts businesses, the question is, how can we handle and receive the most positive outcome?

Here are some quick tips on how to improve and manage those online reviews for your martial arts school:

Thank Them. If you get any feedback online, good or bad, always respond with a ‘Thank You!’ This lets them know you are there listening and makes them feel acknowledged for the time they spent on writing their feedback!

Avoid Negative Comments. If you receive a bad review, even if it may be untrue, respond with the desire to help the reviewer towards a resolution. Good customer service can go a long way and they might even consider removing or editing the review on their own if handled timely and professionally.

End a Bad Review Offline. If you have a bad review, never use the comments section to express negative communication back. Thank them for the review and let them know to call or email you so you can help them resolve the issue.

And remember, with how open and public the internet has become, it is very common to have a bad review or two. The best way to avoid those negative ratings is to keep asking your martial arts students and parents for more positive feedback whenever possible! If you have enough positive reviews, the negative ones will be less noticeable overall.


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by Kovar Systems