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How NOT to Sell Martial Arts Classes

By Kovar Systems

As martial arts school owners and instructors, we know how much martial arts can benefit everyone significantly, but sometimes we forget that not everyone knows about those benefits. Sometimes we can get caught up in the spectacle of selling and we ourselves may even forget the reason why we began training martial arts in the first place.

As we approach potential students both face-to-face and on social or print media, we need to make sure we avoid the following tactics so that we don’t come across dishonest or un-relatable.

Here are some methods to avoid when trying to sell to the general public…

Just Sell the Features

Sometimes it’s easy just to talk about what the program includes and not what the consumer will benefit from training at your school. It’s okay to let people know about the classes and what they are signing up for, but you also need to highlight what kind of results they might get in addition to just a program and a gi. Talk about how your student could also learn how to defend themselves, how they can gain self-confidence, or how they might develop better focusing skills.

Don’t Know Your Audience

If you don’t know what kind of students you want in your school, how do you know who you are selling to? Take time to research exactly what kind of audience you would like in your school, and then research where those audiences hangout and the best way you can reach them.

Talk Only to Martial Artists

We forget that a majority of our future clients don’t even know what martial arts is or can do for them. A lot of people haven’t even considered martials arts as the solution to their problem. You need to first speak to their wants and needs before even introducing martial arts to most people. Make sure the language and targeting you use for sales speaks to the average person and not just someone who has interest or understanding in the martial arts arena.

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by Kovar Systems