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Do People Trust You as a Martial Artist Instructor

By Kovar Systems

The ability to gain and keep trust is a vital factor in the ability to influence others.  When a person trusts you, trust alone can cause them to accept or reject your message. As a martial arts instructor, you want to make sure that you maintain the trust of others, especially those within your school.

Trust can be an ambiguous concept, but certain things are quite clear: You can’t get others to trust you unless you trust yourself first.  Your message will not be convincing to others unless it’s convincing to you.  Whenever you try to influence someone, they will ask themselves, “Can I trust this person?  Do I believe them?  Are they really concerned about me?”  They are less likely to be influenced if they sense that you are driven solely by self-interest.

The Five C’s of Trust will all help you gain the trust you need to have lasting influence:






As a martial arts instructor, you would certainly want to be someone who had all five positive attributes. A deep and lasting sense of trust will not exist without all five of these characteristics.  If you are lacking in just one of these areas, it will affect every aspect of your ability to build, gain, and maintain trust with others.

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by Kovar Systems