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Change Can Bring Student Quits

By Kovar Systems

One problematic issue with changing the status-quo in your business is it can spurn action in your customer base. Depending what is going on they may feel they need to make a choice and sometimes that choice is to terminate their membership.

The reality is that the specific change you make is not why students quit, but rather it’s the very action of making the change itself. When you change anything at your school, especially the shift from virtual to in-person training, this can cause a family to consider what THEY should do next. Especially if their student is resistant to change. As parents, they question what it is they want to avoid and begin to weigh their options -- Even if the change is a return to a previous status.
For example, if a parent has been happily paying for virtual classes the past 3 months and suddenly they are approached with a new option of in-person classes … they might choose to quit. Why? They were happy before, shouldn’t they be happy now that you added more value and options with in-person classes? What has happened is they were given the opportunity to respond to the change and re-visit their options. In the scenario prior they had already reached the conclusion that they were satisfied with their training experience. Presently they may have lost sight of the value of that training and new concerns or problems in relation to the change has come to the surface. To avoid facing these issues, they might just quit and move on without much explanation.
A good way to avoid the “silent quits” is to actively know that change will ultimately cause some quits, then proactively reach out to minimize them ahead of time. Make the first move by addressing with parents that when things change it’s a natural reaction for their student to want to stop training. Having to change yet again can be met with resistance. This is an excellent time for parents to get ahead of this natural urge to quit with optimism and encouragement. Continuing the current routine and slowly adding more options over time might be the best approach for them. Quitting is the easy way out, but by reminding them that they joined martial arts in the first place to challenge their student or themselves and overcome obstacles, just like this, will help them re-focus and renew their goal.
Keep reminding them the value you bring to their lives and the value they receive in training.

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by Kovar Systems