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Are Birthday Parties Valuable for School Owners?

By Kovar Systems

The short answer is yes. Acknowledging a student’s special day and giving them a place to celebrate the day is not only valuable, but an easy way to address student retention and student acquisition.

First, by offering birthday parties at your school, you have also given your students the opportunity to share with their non-martial arts friends what makes your program special to them. Not only do they get to celebrate being a year older, but they also have a day to feel important and demonstrate the skills you taught them. On top of that you can highlight the student further giving them time during their party to perform a form or break a board. The student will then feel empowered and their friends will be dazzled or inspired to train for themselves.

Secondly, not only can you build confidence in your existing student, but you can also attract their friends to the idea that they too could train martial arts and be the next kid to break a board or know a special self-defense move. The parents all-the-while will be there to see the excitement and confidence coming from the event, as well as how you and your staff expertly manage and captivate their children.

It’s important for the birthday party to truly be valuable, you must prepare and plan for the following things…

  • Make sure your team are well-trained and can handle any inquiries they may receive from friends and family attending the party.
  • Ask the birthday student’s parents if they would like to include a VIP pass in their goodie bag.
  • During the party, make sure you have staff available to build rapport with not just the students, but also the watching parents.

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