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Student Retention

3 Habits to Avoid Student Quits

By Kovar Systems

At the beginning of the New Year, it doesn’t hurt to start developing new habits that will help keep your student retention steady. The following habits are some great opportunities to influence positive changes with your students and within the school.

1. Plan Your On-Mat Curriculum In Advance

You don't need to plan out every second of every class, but try planning out the teaching themes for each of your cycles ahead of time for the first quarter of the year. By making it a habit to pre-plan your themes, your classes will have a consistent flow that students and parents can follow along with more easily.

2. Give Your Students Encouraging Feedback

Remember, feedback is the breakfast of champions. We all want to know how we’re doing. As instructors, we get so busy that sometimes we can forget to take a moment to let our students know how they’re doing. Has Sarah nailed the new curriculum? Does Alex need a little help with his footwork? Give one-on-one feedback to your students about what they are doing well and areas that they can improve. It’s amazing how making it a habit to give students just a two-minute conversation can help keep them energized and training at your school.

3. Be Happy to See Your Students Each Day

Everyone appreciates being appreciated. A simple, yet effective, way to practice this is to be happy to see your students each day when they come to class. This mindset of gratitude goes a long way. Let them know you know they are there. Get your students thinking “I’m glad I came“ by letting them know they are important to you.


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