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The Importance of Awesome Cards

By Gordon Schroeder

What is an Awesome Card? The Awesome Card is a handwritten, personal note of appreciation that you mail directly to a student you want to recognize. If there was something fantastic that you, the instructor, saw the student do in class, it should be mentioned. If there is a character trait you believe is positive and want to encourage, write about it. Anything you can share about the student that is motivating is worth sharing.  

And guess what? Students, while interested in receiving these cards, won't be the only ones who enjoy seeing them in the mail. The cards are also a good way to show the parent(s) that you are paying attention to their children when they come to your classes. You can even send a card directly to the parent(s). Parents go out of their way to make sure their children attend your class on time and ready, despite their own busy schedules. When parents get their own Awesome Cards, they love that you appreciate them and have acknowledged their efforts to bring their students to class.

Something to think about... How are you successfully communicating to your students and their families as they visit your school each day? Do you remind them how important they are to your school? Maybe it's time to start sending those Awesome Cards!


Today's video blog is from a certified The Satori Alliance Instructor, Shihan Gordon Scroeder. Schroeder has been practicing martial arts since 1986 and has achieved the rank of 5th degree Black Belt Kovar’s Blended Kenpo as well as 1st Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. A full time martial arts instructor since 1997, he is an avid practitioner and student with experience in a variety of martial and combative disciplines including escrima, MMA, nogi bjj and kickboxing.

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by Gordon Schroeder