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How to Properly Start a Facebook Event

By Mary Neils

Not all social media marketing costs money. In fact, one of the best and most underutilized tools on Facebook is the Events section. Plus, it’s FREE! When you create an event on your school page, you really open the door to new possibilities for new student acquisition and student retention.

By creating an event page you can expand your reach and really let people know what you can provide to the community. It’s also a great place for students to share their enthusiasm and excitement as the date gets closer.

Did you know?

  • When people RSVP to your event, not only does it remind them they are attending, but a notification also shows up in their friends newsfeeds to let their friends know what they are doing. That means more reach for your event!
  • Facebook suggests events to users based on their interests, friend network, and location. This means it organically targets more people to your event!

With that in mind, if you have an event on your school calendar, you really should be creating a Facebook event as soon as you know the dates and details. Before creating the event page, make sure you have the following  things figured out:

Name - The event name should be clear and consistent. Make sure whereever you list the name (social media, fliers, public posts, etc) that you don’t confuse people by using different variations of the name.

Location - The location is extremely important. Not only is it where people will show up, but for Facebook it helps to target users within the area about the event.

Dates - This is another important element of event creation. This allows Facebook to notify attendees and potential attendees about the event with plenty of time to plan.

Times - You want people to show up on time right? Enough said.

Description - This should be where you tell users all about event details. Include information like an outline of activities, what audience the event is for (age group, fitness level, belt rank, etc), what to bring or what not to bring, suggested attire for the event, and benefits of attending.

Tickets - If you are charging for your event, be sure to have a way for people to pay ahead of time. If a person puts money down for something before they are more likely to follow through and show up! (Some good ticket portals are Eventbrite, Zen Planner, or Paypal.)

Once these are filled out, you can then invite all your friends and students or share the event as a post on your school page or personal newsfeed. You should make sure to continue to post updates on the event page and invite/share the event up until the date.


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by Mary Neils